My Montezuma History

My Montezuma History

My Name is Milly, I was born in Wolfsburg, Germany, in 1962. My Father was from Argentina, and since I was small I dreamed about living in the tropics. In 1992 I came to Costa Rica for the first time, together with my ex-husband and our older son Benjamin. Immediately I fell in love with this country, its people and the nature.

Our first 4 years in Costa Rica we lived in Playa Manzanillo where our second son Luciano was born. After my divorce I moved to Montezuma with my sons and had a kindergarten for 5 years here in this location. Then I had the chance to buy the house and the property. The main house was only 3 bedrooms, an open kitchen and outdoor shower.

The Luna Llena Hotel

Over the last 16 years we built the decks, a new part of the house and the little cabinas. We used to live in the upper part of the main house but then we moved to Cabuya, the village next to the national park Cabo Blanco.

Benjamin and Luciano grew up in the community of Montezuma, barefoot, surfing, jumping the Montezuma waterfall, playing soccer, eating rice and beans, and harvesting mangos, jocotes and wild almonds at the beach.
Their friend’s families also became our family. In all these years I have learned to love this town from my heart. It is not all paradise, but it is a community where friendship and respect is a big part of the lifestyle.

We are all races, all colors, all nationalities, religions, poor or rich. Here all that doesn’t matter; we all meet at the same beaches, parties and events. My sons are grown up now and I just moved back to my beloved home in Montezuma and transformed the Luna Llena Hotel into Aldea Luna Llena with the purpose to calm the fast pace of the hotel and give travelers the chance to settle in for a bit longer and start to feel at home in our community.

I especially focus our many guests who return every year and have become friends, but likewise hope to welcome many new people who are ready to fall in love with Montezuma and Aldea Luna Llena.

It is my great pleasure to meet you, host you and help you!

With love and gratitude