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Montezuma in November 2020

Dear Guests and Friends,

How are you doing? We are going thru a lot of rainstorms in this days, just like October, November mostly are.

But only two or three weeks from now, we will be able to smell the summer.

December is the most beautiful month here in the south of Peninsula de Nicoya.

The nights are starry and fresh and the days shiny and bright. Everything around is still green and fertile, the rivers are strongly flowing with crystal clear water.

In all the years since I have lived here, in November many people returned and the first travelers showed up. It is really difficult to guess, how this next season is going to be.

I was always very grateful to be one of the lucky ones who can live here, but now I appreciate our life in Montezuma even much more, it never has been more magic, more healthy , free and peaceful.

Aldea Luna Llena is filling up slowly, but we have availability for you.

Please contact me anytime per WhatsApp:  +506/88187834

With love and the hope, that our world will turn into a much better place after all this shifts,