Dear Guests and Friends !

Belated Happy New Year !!

I hope you all where able to welcome 2021 at a nice, safe, healthy and happy place, inside and outside.

Montezuma was quiet and mellow this new year eve, some people in the streets, some bon fires, no fireworks at all. Lots of tourists from Costa Rica’s Central Valley, but very few international travelers. It was a pretty night, just after the full moon. The climate is unusual in these days, it is still raining sometimes. The jungle is green und lush and the rivers are full of fresh clear water.

Montezuma town looks very pretty to. We have a boulevard now with rope lights and often Congo and his friends are playing music there in the evening. People dance in the street or just hang out and enjoy an ice-cream.

We got some new parking lots and a lot of new handmade signs to guide the visitors of our town.

The break from the hyperactivity around the holidays is very beneficial for the nature. Less cars, less trash, less noise. But of course, many busines are suffering difficult times because of the lack of income.

I am very lucky with my Aldea Luna Llena concept. The rooms here are very affordable and almost everybody stays here for at least 4 weeks. We are blessed with two great yoga teachers who a teaching us Hadha and Ashtanga yoga and the vibes between the guests are very peaceful, kind and just beautiful. Everybody is grateful to be here and have a long break from the craziness in their home countries.

We are fully booked until the end of February, but please don’t hesitate to e-mail me and plan a stay with us in our little paradise.

You are very welcome!

Hope to see you soon,

Lots of love and blessings,