Calm your Soul and relax your Mind

Luna Llena Montezuma

Chill out and arrive to your jungle home, dive into the peaceful community of Montezuma, where the humans live in harmony with each other and the nature that surrounds it.


No streetlights, no rush hour, no noise from aircrafts; just a piece of paradise that still exists on our planet, an oasis of living freely from day to day.


Take a break from planning and rushing around to try to see everything in this beautiful country, rather stay a while to feel and find stillness and bliss.


A new Concept of Hospitality

Aldea Luna Llena translates to Full Moon Village. It’s a magical place surrounded by lush, tropical gardens, full of wildlife, ocean views, and fruit trees. A place where travelers and nature lovers find rest and relaxation. The houses overlook Montezuma downtown and are blessed with the opportunity to watch the sunrise from most of the porches. In this peaceful setting we offer a new concept of hospitality for travelers who prefer to stay away from the hyperactivity experienced at busy hotels and hostels.

Montezuma Lodge

Aldea Luna Llena is a place for a peaceful neighborhood between humans and jungle animals. We are only a few walking minutes away from the lively little town of Montezuma, where most people focus on a healthy, spiritual lifestyle, and an international flair. You can hear the waves, enjoy looking into the starry night sky, and celebrate the Full Moon rise every moon cycle.

Our place can perfectly be used as a yoga retreat center or host similar events with approval by the owner.

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